Gae Aulenti’s bright idea: Pileino

Gae Aulenti, Pileino, Mezzo Pileo, Artemide, 1972

Gae Aulenti (1927-2012) designed the Mezzo Pileo lamp, also known as Pileino, for Artemide in 1972.

In that same year, the Milanese architect and designer took part in MoMA’s striking exhibition, “Italian: the New Domestic Landscape”, which also included Ettore Sottsass, Gaetano Pesce, and Joe Colombo. It was an important break for Italian design’s newest developments, which finally had a chance for international visibility.

The Pileino – named after the pileus, i.e. a mushroom’s cap – is a “minimalist” lamp in either plastic or metal, and can create different light effects thanks to a mobile structure.

November 26, 2014