Futurist photography on show

Mostra sperimentale di fotografia futurista, Torino 1931 - Experimental Show of Futurist Photography, Turin

Experimental Show of Futurist Photography, Turin, March 15th - April 6th 1931

From March 15th to April 6th 1931, Turin held the Experimental Show of Futurist Photography. Exactly one year ealier, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Guglielmo Sansoni (known as Tato) had published the “Futurist Photography Manifesto”, advocating for “photographic science” to trespass into “pure art” in order to “automatically favor its development in the fields of physics, chemistry, and war”.

Futurist photography experiments had starter at least twenty years earlier, since the Bragaglia brothers – Carlo Lodovico, Arturo and Anton Giulio – had began studying photodynamics. Their inspiration was scientific photography, which aimed to overcome the merely naturalistic quality of photographic research.

Those were, of course, twenty years of intense efforts, spearheaded by European avant-garde movements such as Dadaism, Surrealism and Bauhaus; various Futurist leaders – including Fortunato Depero – explored photomontage, photo collage, and aerial photographs at the time.

The outcome was a wide range of fantastic pieces showcased in Turin in 1931 – and in our gallery for you today.

November 23, 2016