Furniture for Carlo Bugatti’s enchanted world

We showcased Carlo Bugatti’s furniture with a gallery dedicated to chairs, sofas and benches a while back.

But when the Milan-born sculptor and designer (1855-1940) moved to Paris in the early 1900s, his workshop on Rue Jeanne-d’Arc turned into a smithy of wondrous pieces, merging dozens of styles from Gothic to Japanese, from Byzantine to Persian and Greek – we had to come back to his incredible work.

Each piece contributes to the enchanted world created by Carlo Bugatti, which is “unlike any other” according to Philippe Dejean: “A journey of sorts that mixes art history’s entire decor repertoire and achieves a fantastic extrapolation, almost like a mirage, a toy, something we can barely believe” (translated from Ph. Dejean, “Carlo-Rembrandt-Ettore-Jean Bugatti”, Automobilia, Milan 1982).

Here are some examples of the furniture in Carlo Bugatti’s enchanted world.

October 28, 2016