Fulvio Bianconi and his covers for “Dramma”

Fulvio Bianconi,

July 1st 1948

The episode that best describes the precocious artistic talent of Fulvio Bianconi (Padua, 1915 – Milan, 1996) revolves around his mother. The woman was reading the newspaper and noticed an ad that said, “Strong passion for drawing wanted at Madonna dell’Orto”. She immediately commented, “They want Fulvio”. The boy applied and obviously was accepted.

From then on, Bianconi’s talent proved itself in many different forms of art. He was a very successful graphic designer hired by both publishing houses like Mondadori and Garzanti and manufacturers like Fiat, Marzotto, Rai and Pirelli. He also created some one hundred unique glass works – often going to Murano to instruct the masters of glass blowing on how to turn his ideas into reality.

But his passion for drawing was always the foundation of his work, as his friend Bruno Munari noted: “Bianconi is constantly drawing. He draws while eating, talking, walking along the street; he draws while on the ferry, at exhibitions, during conferences, everywhere and at all times.”

Here is a selection of the covers he designed for “Il Dramma” between the 1940s and 1950s, certainly just a small part of his incessant creative production.

February 15, 2017