Friendship and wine in Barolo’s Castello Falletti


In 1830, the Marquis Falletti of Barolo welcomed in his castle, in the province of Cuneo, Italian writer Silvio Pellico (1789-1854), best known for his “My Prinsons” – a memoir about his time in Venice’s Piombi and Brno’s Spielberg, where he was imprisoned for ten years for his involvement with the Austrian Carbonari revolutionaries.

In another essay, “The Duties of Men”, Pellico wrote: “[D]o not be too anxious to have friends. It is better not to acquire them than to repent of having entered into such a connection with too great precipitation. When once, however, you have found one, seek to evince your sense of his worth by every mark of elevated friendship.”

True to his own maxims, he certainly cherished his friendship with Juliette Colbert, the last marchioness Falletti, who offered him shelter after his long years in jail.

The Piedmontese writer became her trusted advisor, and she entrusted him with the management of the castle’s vast library, including 3,000 volumes from the 1400s to the 1800s.

We can imagine those were happy years for Pellico, perhaps made more pleasant by the warm companionship of some great wine from the castle’s well-stocked cellars. Today Castello Falletti is home to the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo and to the Wimu – Wine Museum.

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Friendship and wine in Barolo’s Castello Falletti

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