Franco Grignani’s fantastic Penguin covers

Franco Grignani, Penguin Books cover

Franco Grignani (1908-1999) was an experimental architect, designer, painter and photographer. In 1969, David Pelham – art director of Penguin Books at the time – asked him to illustrate the covers of a series of novels that the British publishing house would put out over the following two years.

Thus Grignani’s kaleidoscope of broken lines and monochromatic images – with bright dreams and pulverized nightmares, free mental associations, memories’ marine reflections, and everything that belonged to his “psychology of form” – had the chance to welcome readers into the narrative of some of the best writers in science fiction, including Ray Bradbury and Philip K. Dick.

Here is a selection of those covers, designed by Grignani for Penguin.

February 27, 2015