Fonderie Milanesi, signs of life

Fonderie Milanesi comes alive at night, after about six. During the winter, when the city’s sky is clear and you can see the stars outside the windows, a beautiful song by Franco Battiato may come to mind: “Segnali di vita nei cortili / e nelle case all’imbrunire, / le luci fanno ricordare / le meccaniche celesti” (“Signs of life in the courtyards / and houses at dusk, / the lights remind us / of celestial mechanisms”).

Fonderie Milanesi is a small 19th-century tesserae in Milan’s mosaic, a fragment of countryside that has survived today’s voracious urban modernity. There are marks of a long-extinguished fire on the walls, upcycled furniture, a few old bicycles set against the wall, wicker and plastic chairs, vintage motorcycles on display, skylights in the wooden roof – letting the colors of the sunset “rain” in – and great Italian food.

All of this is in Milan, at nightfall. But it really seems like a different world.

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December 17, 2013

Fonderie Milanesi, signs of life