Florence’s heartbeat in Caffè Gilli

Caffè Gilli, Firenze, Piazza della Repubblica

Florence’s heart beats in step with the ticking of a Swiss clock: the one prominently featured – for almost seventy years now – above the glass doors that separate the tearoom and the bar inside Caffè Gilli, in Piazza della Repubblica.

Caffè Gilli has been at the heart of daily life in the Tuscan capital for almost three centuries: since 1733, when a Swiss-origin family came to Florence to make and sell sugared doughnuts.

Over time, the business evolved according to the city’s transformations. In the mid-1800s it relocated from Via degli Speziali to its current location, on the same square as other historic venues, such as Paszkowki and Giubbe Rosse. It soon became a favorite of writers, artists, and actors from all over the world, and today is still the place where famous designers meet when in town to attend the Pitti Uomo fashion shows.

Caffè Gilli is where Italian beauty follows Swiss rhythm.

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August 15, 2014

Florence’s heartbeat in Caffè Gilli

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