Flavio Belletti and things not meant to last

Flavio Belletti creates things that are not meant to last. Just like anyone who, like him, gives shape to objects of art that “fly away” as soon as they are done.

“In the case of the creative artist, as in that of the artisan,” Goethe wrote in his “Elective Affinities”, “it is clear that man is least permitted to appropriate to himself what is most entirely his own. His works forsake him as the birds forsake the nest in which they were hatched.”

Belletti’s wooden objects have been subdued by the strength and precision of gouge and mallet, brightened by the grace of oil paint, tempera and earth pigments, and finally soothed by beeswax. Once they exit his workshop in Bologna, located in an old Carracci house in the city center, they go to their owners or to antique shops, settle down in museum halls, or take their place in the studios of architects and designers.

Belletti has worked as a wood carver and restorer for thirty years now, rebuilding, decorating… and creating. He keeps the door to his workshop always open, to let his passion and creativity free to fly wherever they may wish.

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January 8, 2014

Flavio Belletti and things not meant to last

Via San Carlo 19/C
+39 051 262874
Opening hours 9-12am – 3-7pm