Filiberto Mateldi and “Il Taccuino dello Sport”

“Il Taccuino dello Sport” was one of the 93 books published between 1932 and 1936 by Utet within its very successful children’s collection “La Scala d’oro”. The goal of this “golden ladder” was to “take a child at six” and accompany him or her “up and up, till the age of thirteen, with eight distinct series, so that all parents need to do is read on the cover of the book the age for which it was written”.

The collection was created by Vincenzo Errante and Fernando Palazzi in the 1930s, and included abridged literary classics, original novels, as well as works of non-fiction about history and geography, biology, art history, and – as we can see here – even sports.

Fourteen of the books were illustrated by Filiberto Mateldi (1885-1942), the painter and set designer who had been working for various children’s periodicals (“Il Giornalino della domenica”, “Il Balilla”) since the 1920s, and who would later become a star of fashion illustration (published by “Lidel” and “L’illustrazione italiana”, where he also worked with noted fashion illustrator Brunetta Moretti).

“Il Taccuino dello Sport” is one of the books written for “La Scala d’oro” by Mario Buzzichini, author of the collection’s so-called “Tompusse cycle”, which recounted the amusing adventures of a character inspired by Tom Thumb.

January 17, 2014