Fico Eataly World: Italy invites the world to its table


Fico Eataly World – “fico” means fig in Italian, but in this case is the acronym of Fabbrica Italiana COntadina, meaning “Italian farmer farm” – is Oscar Farinetti’s latest venture, adding a new and outstanding Bologna branch to the famous chain of Italian food supermarkets he founded back in 2003.

Outstanding in terms of size (100,000 square meters, 80% of which are dedicated to sales) but also for the way space is used (with a 1,000-seat conference hall, a cinema, a theater, 45 restaurants and approximately 200 animals and cultivars living in stables and fields). It is a testament to Eataly’s will to create a place where the rich and complex culture of Italian food is represented in the most thorough way possible, in every element of the productive process, from the field to our tables.

As the word “World” in its name suggests, the project – included by Italian Ways in its “Taste Academy” Travel Experience – has the overarching goal of presenting the excellence of Italy’s agricultural and food heritage to the rest of the world, highlighting both tradition and innovation (but is also a hint to the fact that the Bologna store is the biggest Eataly on the planet).

This is where Italy’s flavors and biodiversity are showcased in all of their facets. From pasta to cheese, from cured meat to fruits and vegetables, from meat to sweets, from wine to craft beer: the secrets of the country’s supply chain are revealed in a beautiful and fun journey between educational itineraries, local product tastings, starred restaurants, and grocery shopping at markets and select stores.

This is where the flavors of Italy take center stage, in the huge stage of the world.

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February 16, 2018

Fico Eataly World: Italy invites the world to its table

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