Fiat 508S Balilla Spider Sport, cruising with an elbow out the car window

Fiat 508S Balilla Spider Sport, Coppa d'Oro, carrozzeria Ghia, 1933 - Gold Cup

The Fiat 508S Balilla Spider Sport, also known as the “Gold Cup”, demanded to be driven with boldness, cruising down the street with an elbow out the car window.

Its lower, sleeker body was designed at Ghia in 1933; inspired by the time’s typical English roadsters, it was a development of the 508 Balilla. Its launch meant that one of the most famous cars in that day was “finally accessible in terms of prices, use, and maintenance; not an ephemeral toy with few possible uses, but a real, complete, superb [car], made to last and perform” – quoting the emphatic introduction printed in the periodical “Le Vie d’Italia” in May 1932.

Most collectors in the world today would love to have a chance to drive this beauty – with boldness and an elbow out the car window.

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September 30, 2014