Italian Stories: Federica and her mosaic gems

by Italian Stories

“When I look back, I realize I have already lived many different lives up till now. I worked at a bank at twenty, and was a model before that… but I left everything to pursue my passion: mosaics. Since then, I feel that what I do and who I am are the same thing: I feel a sense of belonging and infinite happiness!”

This is how Federica – a mosaic artist from Verona – introduces herself. Her passion for craftsmanship started 19 years ago, and today she has built a whole itinerary about this splendid historical art in her home/atelier.

“I specialize in artistic decor mosaics, for both interiors and exteriors. I also create mosaic-jewelry that is unique and original.”

Federica graduated from the Mosaic School in Spilimbergo (Pordenone) and worked with tesserae for a few years while the idea of mosaic-jewelry formed in her mind.

After going to a school for goldsmiths and working with a jewelry maker/artist, she merged mosaic’s dynamism and fine jewelry making into her very own personal synthesis.

“In my work, I use high-quality materials (marble, enamel, gold…) and interpret them with traditional or modern mosaic techniques.”

Via the Italian Stories portal, Federica offers workshops during which you can create your own custom jewelry, using the techniques she will teach you and using materials she will put at your disposal.

Photos via: Irene Tommasi

February 29, 2016