Favara’s Farm Cultural Park and the importance of numbers

Numbers are very important to Favara’s Farm Cultural Park, an art gallery and artist residence in the province of Agrigento. Let’s do a countdown.

Seven: the cultural park – founded in the Arab-flavored Cortile Bentivegna by notary Andrea Bartoli and his lawyer wife Florinda Saieva in 2010 – is made up of seven small courtyards.

Six: Farm Cultural Park ranked sixth most popular international tourist destinations for contemporary art lovers, according to the British blog “Purple Travel”.

Five: the park includes five different art galleries and spaces for permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Four: new temporary exhibitions are set up every four months, contributing to a well-rounded calendar of artistic attractions.

Three: the project was inspired by three international references in the world – Palais de Tokyo in Paris; the city of Marrakech, in Morocco; and Camden Town, in London.

Two: the founders’ goal is to make Favara’s Farm Cultural Park the second most important tourist attraction in Agrigento (after the Valley of the Temples, of course).

One: there is only one – unique and unrivalled – Farm Cultural Park.

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December 16, 2013

Favara’s Farm Cultural Park and the importance of numbers

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