Ex voto from Naples, photographed by Biasiucci

Antonio Biasiucci, ex voto cappella di san Giuseppe Moscati, Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo di Napoli - Chapel of Saint Giuseppe Moscati, Church of Gesù Nuovo in Naples

In 2006, Campanian photographer Antonio Biasiucci went into the chapel where doctor and Catholic saint Giuseppe Moscati (1880-1927) rests, inside the Church of Gesù Nuovo in Naples.

The walls – covered in silver ex voto, protected in small glass cases on a red backdrop – were so beautiful he thought they looked like an art installation.

He started to photograph them out of curiosity for those interesting objects: small silver sculptures that represent parts of the human body, unlike traditional ex voto that usually portray the episode of grace received and give thanks for the intercession.

The following year, he published the book of photographs from which our gallery today draws a few splendid images.

Photos via: ©Antonio Biasiucci

March 16, 2016

Ex voto from Naples, photographed by Biasiucci

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