Euroflora 2018, festival in bloom


In 2016, an Italian boy coined a new word which his third-grade teacher brought to the attention of the country’s linguists at La Crusca, and consequently of social media and even national newspapers.

The word he invented was “petaloso” (“petal-y”, or full of petals), an adjective that could only refer to a flower and therefore, according to some, is inherently tautological. Not only did the Crusca accept and validate it, but it was later discovered it had already been used in Latin around the 17th century and in journalistic jargon in the late 20th century. Soon after, it became a registered trademark at the Chamber of Commerce.

Now Euroflora uses the fun word to present the 2018 edition of the gorgeous flower and plant festival, to be held from May 6th at Genoa’s Parchi di Nervi.

For fifteen days, eight hectares of beautiful gardens – within the wonderful botanical complex between Via Aurelia and the seafront – will showcase millions of flowers and plants coming from every corner of the Earth.

Two weeks of joyful colors and perfumes: a petal-y event you cannot miss!

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April 25, 2018

Euroflora 2018, festival in bloom

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