Easter eggs by Federico Seneca and Talmone

Federico Seneca, manifesti uova di Pasqua Talmone - Easter egg advertisement posters

In the 1930s, the great commercial artist Federico Seneca (1891-1976) moved from Perugia to Milan, where he founded his own firm and started working with some major Italian companies, reaching the height of his career.

Talmone, a cocoa and chocolate company founded in 1850 in Turin, was one of the leading brands he worked for.

Here is a selection of advertisement posters from that decade, created to promote Talmone’s Easter eggs.

Seneca’s drawings, as expert Francesco Milesi has explained, became “part of the daily lives of generations and generations all across Europe, although their author – being reserved and modest – never achieved the same popularity.”

April 2, 2015