Dreaming Rome Cardinale Prosper Grech

Cardinal Prosper Stanley Grech has kindly agreed to give our readers a preview of some photographs from his latest book, “Dreaming Rome”. The book is available for online purchase on Amazon, through the following websites:

Amazon Italia: http://www.amazon.it/Dreaming-Rome-Stanley-Grech/dp/1499774842

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dreaming-Rome-Stanley-Grech/dp/1499774842/

Amazon USA: http://www.amazon.com/Dreaming-Rome-Stanley-Grech/dp/1499774842/

Below is the cardinal’s preface to the book. 

by S. E. Prosper Stanley Grech

“Dreaming Rome” can mean many things: It can refer to Rome that dreams. What of? In her long life from Caesar to the present many dreams, and nightmares, present themselves during her nights, and this accounts for the B/W night-pictures in this series.

The viewer is invited to guess which dreams the various piazzas and fountains recall. But dreaming Rome can refer to those who have never been here and dream of visiting this City, or to those who have already visited Rome and still dream of what they have seen and enjoyed.

However, the photographer is also a dreamer. He or she will wander aimlessly around the buildings, Roman, mediaeval, renaissance, baroque or modern… and daydreams. Something particular strikes. Which angle is the best to snap it from? Is the light OK, are people in the right place? If yes, click! This is how the occasional color pictures in this book were born. They are an invitation to daydream with the photographer.

If you intend to visit Rome, please do not forget your camera, just come, daydream among the ancient ruins, let them speak to you, and snap. I am sure your pictures will be much more suggestive than mine.

Photos via: © Stanley Grech

June 9, 2014