Dolomites by Georg Tappeiner

Dolomiti  Dolomiten  Dolomites

The Locatelli Mountain Hut in the Sexten Dolomites

You can visit the Dolomites in Rome until September 2nd 2018, courtesy of photographer Georg Tappeiner (born in Merano, South Tyrol in 1964) – who portrayed these beautiful mountains and is now showcasing some forty wonderful photographs at Spazio Fontana at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, for a show titled, “Dolomites. The Heart of Stone of the Earth”.

What are the Dolomites?” asked great writer Dino Buzzati, born in Belluno and deeply attached to these mountains. And here is his answer:

“On some very clear fall days, from the highest roofs in Venice you can see the Dolomites, even without binoculars. Not just a confused mountain profile, a mysterious barrier that encloses the North (what’s beyond it? what worlds are behind this wall?). But you recognize their color…”

“What color? Can you actually find an adjective that defines its exact color, so different from that of other mountains? Every time that I go up the mountain and see it, I tremble with emotion, bringing back poignant memories. No, an appropriate adjective does not exist. More than a precise color it is an essence, perhaps an evanescent substance that from dawn to sunset takes the most curious reflections (grey, silver, pink, yellow, purple, blue, sepia); yet it is always the same, just like the human face does not change if the skin is pale or sunburnt.”

“Come closer, please, and carefully examine this wonder – which we Italians have come to see as so perfectly ordinary that we don’t even notice it anymore, although it is indubitably one of the most beautiful, powerful and extraordinary things on this planet. Just catching a glimpse of it would be worth making the trip from Australia. And when somebody shows us color photographs or cineramas of the Zion or Yosemite Parks in America, which are so famous all around the world, all we can do is laugh.” (translated from D. Buzzati, “I fuorilegge della montagna”, Mondadori, Milan 2013).

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July 18, 2018

Dolomites by Georg Tappeiner

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