Dolceacqua: the wines and bridges of Liguria

Dolceacqua, Imperia, Liguria

Dolceacqua is a medieval town in the province of Imperia, which was the focus of the oenological interests of Turin-born writer Mario Soldati (1906-1999).

Soldati, who was particularly interested in the famous – and delicious – local Rossese Dolceacqua, wrote in “Vino al vino” (Mondadori, Milan 1977), “Once the capital city, for various centuries, of the Marquisate of the same name, today Dolceacqua is a large village extending on the two banks of the river Nervia… The old Saint George Collegiate watches over the Doria family tombs. On the left bank of the Nervia, the Doria Castle rises with its towers. But for me, Dolceacqua is first and foremost the place where Rossese is made: everyone here works for wine, and locals have always debated over an impossible dispute: which one is best, Rossese from the vineyards on the left bank… or the right bank? The former get most sunshine in the afternoon, the latter in the morning…”

Soldati somehow came to the conclusion that the right bank was the best, while French painter Claude Monet, when he visited the town in 1884, completely overlooked the matter. Monet was more taken with the 15th-century, Romanesque bridge – the subject of two of his paintings. The father of Impressionism considered it “a gem of lightness”.

Between great wine and beautiful views, we believe everyone can find something wonderful in Dolceaqua.

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February 15, 2018

Dolceacqua: the wines and bridges of Liguria

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