Dino Martens’ polychrome vases for Vetreria Toso

Dino Martens, Oriente, Aureliano Toso, Murano

The Venetian painter and illustrator Dino Martens (1894-1970) moved to Murano in the 1920s and started to work with local glass factories such as Salir – Studio Ars et Labor Industrie Riunite – and Salviati&C.

In 1939, he became Vetreria Aureliano Toso’s artistic director and began a fertile collaboration that continued until 1963.

Martens created his most surprising glasswork for the Murano-based brand, using traditional techniques to achieve incredibly original effects, combining hard-to-accomplish, bold asymmetries and unexpected, irregular chromatic hues.

Here is a gallery of vases in the “Oriente” series, which Martens invented for Vetreria Toso in the 1950s.

July 9, 2015