Dario Bernazzoli: posters and ocean liners


Cassandre, born Adolphe Jean Marie Mouron (1901-1968), was a Ukrainian-French artist among the most talented and influential graphic designers and illustrators of the 1900s. Some of his most famous works are advertisement posters inspired by Pablo Picasso and Max Ernst, and he often worked for French shipping lines, producing noteworthy posters such as “L’Atlantique” in 1931 and “Normandie” in 1935.

When he saw “Croisière de Noël” by Dario Bernazzoli (1908-1999), designed for Trieste’s Cosulich fleet in 1947, Cassandre was so impressed that he offered the Italian artist a collaboration.

Bernazzoli declined the offer, choosing his hometown Genoa over Paris, and went on to create a number of beautiful posters, including some for Società Italiana di Navigazione, better known as “Italian Line” when advertising ocean liner cruises.

Here is a series of his posters from the 1950s and 1960s.

March 1, 2016