Daniela Ghezzo and the Atelier Segalin in Venice

Daniela Ghezzo has taken over the atelier of a master of Italian shoemaking, Rolando Segalin, who opened in Venice’s Calle dei Fuseri in 1932.

Ghezzo is an artist, but at some point in her career decided to focus exclusively on the increasingly rare craft of shoemaking.

Segalin, who recently passed away, liked to say he was nothing but a humble ‘calegher’ – which in the local dialect means “cobbler”. In 2002, he explained in an interview that his job required essentially the ability to “analyze the foot” that would wear the shoe, and to “understand personal taste, suggest trends, predict fashion, imagine how and how much a client may walk and, most importantly, give him or her something that will last in time”.

Ghezzo must certainly agree with this philosophy, as under her management the Venetian atelier remains a mine of quality and rigor, creativity, research and imagination.

She is advancing a tradition of excellence acknowledged by the whole world, as her creations gain a growing international success.

She has chosen a beautiful job and a difficult art, requiring courage, humbleness, and – more than anything else – talent.

All of which are evident, as soon as we step inside her stop.

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March 26, 2014

Daniela Ghezzo and the Atelier Segalin in Venice

Calle dei Fuseri, San Marco 4365
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