Cough lozenges in 20th-century advertising

Fall is here, and so are the first few colds, sore throats, and cough – perhaps the most annoying companion of the season. If you are ready to stock up on lozenges and syrups, enjoy some vintage inspiration from our gallery of advertisement posters from the first half of the 1900s, all about cough remedies.

“Vittorio Corcos’s poster for Pastiglie Paneraj, made in Livorno’s Paneraj pharmacy (1890) features a woman as an allegory of pharmacy itself: her face is inscribed in a radiant sun, and her hands hold up a tray where medicines are on display.”

“These first attempts led the way for other artistic poster authors of in 1900s: using color and shape for synthetic representation; almost eliminating any copy, except for the product’s name perhaps; replacing the distressing image of diseases with the reassuring one of the treatment’s result” (translated from F.P. de Ceglia and L. Dibattista, “Il bello della scienza”, Franco Angeli, Milan 2013).

ario Borgoni, "Contro le tossi Pastiglie della Madonna della Salute", 1912, Raccolta Salce

Mario Borgoni, "Against the cough, Della Madonna della Salute lozenges", 1912, Salce Collection

Adolfo Busi, "Contro le tossi pastiglie Alberani della Madonna della Salute", 1900-1949, Raccolta Salce

Adolfo Busi, "Against cough, Alberani della Madonna della Salute lozenges", 1900-1949, Salce Collection

Aleardo Villa, "Sciroppo Negri", 1900-1906, Raccolta Salce

Aleardo Villa, "Negri Syrup", 1900-1906, Salce Collection

Giovanni Manca, "Pastiglia Sia contro la tosse", 1920-1930 ca, Raccolta Salce

Giovanni Manca, "Sia cough lozenges", ca. 1920-1930, Salce Collection

Achille Luciano Mauzan, "Sia, pastiglia contro la tosse", 1921, Raccolta Salce

Achille Luciano Mauzan, "Sia, cough lozenges", 1921, Salce Collection

Achille Luciano Mauzan, "Tosse? Timental", 1923ca, Raccolta Salce

Achille Luciano Mauzan, "Cough? Timental", ca. 1923, Salce Collection

Luigi Yobbi, "Pastiglie Marchesini", 1920-1930, Raccolta Salce

Luigi Yobbi, "Marchesini lozenges", 1920-1930, Salce Collection

Amerigo Ferrari, "Catramina Bertelli", 1926-27, Raccolta Salce

Amerigo Ferrari, "Catramina Bertelli", 1926-27, Salce Collection

Amerigo Ferrari, "Pastiglie Bertelli", 1920-1940, Raccolta Salce

Amerigo Ferrari, "Bertelli Lozenges", 1920-1940, Salce Collection

Marcello Dudovich, "Pastiglie Paneraj", 1953, Raccolta Salce

Marcello Dudovich, "Paneraj Lozenges", 1953, Salce Collection

Maga, "Linda, pastiglia medicamentosa", 1920-1950, Raccolta Salce

Maga, "Linda, medicine lozenge", 1920-1950, Salce Collection

Gino Boccasile, "Pastiglie al Mugòlio", 1930-1952, Raccolta Salce

Gino Boccasile, "Al Mugòlio lozenges", 1930-1952, Salce Collection

Natale Ligasacchi, "Pastiglie per la gola Dott. Knapp", 1953, Raccolta Salce

Natale Ligasacchi, "Dott. Knapp Cough lozenges", 1953, Salce Collection

Giovanni Mingozzi, "Pastiglie Madonna della Salute", 1930 ca-1949 ca, Raccolta Salce

Giovanni Mingozzi, "Madonna della Salute Lozenges", ca. 1930-1949, Salce Collection


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