Cordial Campari and the art of illustration (II part)

Cordial Campari, illustratori - illustrators

Luigi Caldanzano, 1920

More Cordial Campari, more masterpieces of illustration in advertisement.

Writer Giovanni Cenzato has said, “Davide Campari had wonderful insight about the use of art in advertisement, in terms of both the limits within which art could express itself and the ways it could be used fairly, without offence to its dignity.”

“He was able to give life to a world of graphic and plastic art at the service of advertisement: he created an area, in the infinite field of advertisement, that was – and still is – his realm, actually influencing even certain trends in art, such as poster design […].”

“Poster ads, as Davide Campari saw them and often required from artists, should be like music; like music needs someone to hear it […] color needs to be seen to turn into music. Hence all of Campari’s posters are attractive works of art: thanks to the talent of the author, always chosen among the best poster artists; to the always original idea behind them; to the artistic taste and precision that led to their creation.”

“[…] Villa, Tallone, Conconi, Hohenstein, Cappiello, Sacchetti, Metlicovitz, Buschini, Pomi, Mora, Dudovich, Mauzan, Caldanzano, Laskov, Codognato, Sinopico, Nizzoli, Depero, Bianchi. Original figurative ideas, upheld and enhanced by a strong sense of color and always elegant lines, allowed Campari’s posters to make a rare contribution to the field of advertisement, establishing in fact a real record” (translated from G. Cenzato, “Campari, 1860-1960”, Edizioni Campari, Milan 1960).

February 19, 2016