Contemporary art and nature in Brianza

Rossini Art Site, Briosco (Monza e Brianza)

Abstract sculpture and nature prove a beautiful and inseparable duo in the Rossini Art Site, a green area extending over ten hectares at the heart of Brianza, in Briosco (Monza and Brianza).

The open-air museum’s itinerary includes works by masters of Italy’s 20th-century Abstract art such as Bruno Munari, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Pietro Consagra, and Fausto Melotti, as well as a number of international artists: Dennis Oppenheim, Jean Tinguely, Daniel Spoerri and many more.

The project of the Rossini Art Site stemmed from the passion for art of entrepreneur and philanthropist

Alberto Rossini, who passed away in May 2015 – just one month from the opening of the outdoor museum where anyone can now appreciate his collection.

Indeed, the Rossini Art Site is not a temple where only contemporary art experts can enter. Rossini was a man of the world, deeply aware of the wide range of variations in humanity. He wanted people who visited his collection to spend time outdoors, with opportunities to rest and play, even for children, between hazelnut trees, hornbeams, oaks and farm animals.

The Rossini Art Site is immersed in a pristine part of Brianza, the Valle Lambro Park, where 8,000 hectares of nature have been spared from cement and asphalt. Nearby, other gems await: Monza’s Royal Villa Park and Duomo, and Como’s Cathedral and Basilicas of Sant’Abbondio and of San Fedele.

An ideal tour for lovers of art, nature, and everything beautiful there is in the world.

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March 23, 2016

Contemporary art and nature in Brianza

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