Contatto Experience: flavor you can touch


“Don’t eat with your hands!” is an etiquette rule every Western kid has heard at least once – and only one of the many partitions we have created between our senses and the reality around us, at the table and beyond, in our so-called civilized world.

Contatto Experience strives to break down some of these barriers, inviting its guests to experiment with food through the sense of touch, without cutlery, plates or anything else between them and their meal. Ingredients are place directly on their palm, their wrists, their fingertips.

Feeling food on your skin allows you to perceive its temperature and texture before it reaches your mouth, starting a unique gastronomic adventure that is as delicious as it is educational.

Contatto Experience’s original concept stems from the work of designer Giulia Soldati, who leads her guests through the events.

“Contatto Experience” is held in Milan.
Tel.: +39 338 2521727

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Contatto Experience: flavor you can touch