Condominio Monti: as glam as a hotel, as cozy as a home

Welcome to Rome’s city center, where new boutique hotel Condominio Monti recently opened in the Monti district, a stone’s throw from the Colosseum and Imperial Fora, in one of the Italian capital’s most lively and fashionable spots. Between the alleys paved with the typical “sampietrini” – small, square stones placed one next to each other almost like a mosaic – this is where innovative concept stores, gourmet shops and new slow food destinations are flourishing.

In this cool and trendy area, the hotel caters to a clientele of cosmopolitan travelers and design enthusiasts, according to entrepreneurs Kaja Osinski and Filippo Ribacchi’s vision. Named “Condominio” (“condominium”) to symbolize a place where different people and lifestyles can meet in an environment that feels like home, the hotel offers shared spaces that lead to unexpected opportunities for exchange. It is a real “container of lives” – if only for a few days, as long as the holiday lasts.

Designed by STUDIOTAMAT, Condominio Monti has 33 rooms, varying in size but all with the same extensive care in decor. Every environment was decorated in a unique and original way, with a contemporary and non-conventional style and custom furniture. The hotel’s color palette was defined by paint shop Bludiprussia, which came up with fresh and modern tones for walls, fabrics and patterns, adding just a hint of retro vibe. Its 900 square meters, spread across two adjacent buildings, include suites as well as mini apartments equipped with kitchenettes. Vintage-inspired prints and wallpapers add a special touch throughout.

At the very center of Rome, Condominio Monti is the perfect accommodation to fully enjoy the charm of the Eternal City. Breakfast and aperitifs are served on the terrace on the last floor, where mosaics cover everything – including the seating. From here, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Colosseum and of the apse of the Church of Saint Agatha of the Goths: let one of the most beautiful views in the world enchant you.

By Barbara Palladino

Condominio Monti
Via dei Serpenti, 109
00184 Rome
+39 06 4885889

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Condominio Monti: as glam as a hotel, as cozy as a home

Via dei Serpenti, 109
+39 06 4885889


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