Combo: a cosmopolitan spirit right off of the Navigli

Located in one of Milan’s typical 19th-century houses built around a central courtyard, Combo is a multifunctional space: hostel, bar, live-streaming web radio, but also gallery for emerging artists.

Its 42 rooms, furnished in perfect minimal style, are streamlined yet offer anything you might need when traveling, alone or in group. The hostel is divided into two areas: one for guests – who can use a special card to access the kitchen, lounge room and laundry room – and one open to the public.

The large outdoor common area has become a meeting point for travelers as well as for Milan’s residents, who come around to socialize or relax for a moment.
The structure also includes a restaurant area with different options available: Italian traditional dishes, Eastern and Caribbean cuisine, but also international street food – a mix that reinforces the cosmopolitan spirit of the space.

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 83
+39 02 36680930

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November 30, 2019