Palazzo Bonaparte and Madama Letizia’s balcony

Palazzo Bonocore in Palermo


“Lombroso’s 1000 faces”: criminal anthropology and physiognomy on show in Turin


Tindari: a Sicilian gem between myth and legend

Mercanteinfiera’s 38th edition in Parma


Casa Iris: bed & breakfast with period frescos and eclectic-chic style

War and courtly love at the Castle of Avio

Drink Kong: an “instinct bar” in Rome

Bonfanti Design Hotel, hospitality in style

Turin’s Royal Armory

Under the starry vaults of Santa Maria sopra Minerva

Longing for beauty at Villa Dosi Delfini

Aldo Rossi at Palazzo della Ragione

The church and convent of Saint Bonaventure in Caltagirone

The Gervasoni Mill, a treasure trove of ancient skills

The Sanctuary of Madonna della Scala in Massafra

Rasiglia’s rebirth

The mild and lovely air of Villa Baronessa

MAR-Miniera Argentiera: augmented reality for an open-air museum

Earth and gold by Fontana, at Galleria Borghese


Modateca Deanna: a historical and technical archive. Style lives here

Unfortunate lovers at the Bardi Castle

“The Pure”, salad with a clean conscience

Kartaruga and the fascinating history of Venetian masks


Hotel Mezzatorre: a gem in the sapphire blue bay

laFeltrinelli 3466, the highest bookstore in Europe

Saint Alexius’s pilgrim Christ is back after nine centuries

The Silk Road passes through the San Leucio Colony

PiazzadiSpagna9: a refined and multifaceted residence at the heart of Rome

Pollara: a beautiful sunset, caught between the sky and the sea