Earth and gold by Fontana, at Galleria Borghese


Modateca Deanna: a historical and technical archive. Style lives here

Unfortunate lovers at the Bardi Castle

“The Pure”, salad with a clean conscience

Kartaruga and the fascinating history of Venetian masks


Hotel Mezzatorre: a gem in the sapphire blue bay

laFeltrinelli 3466, the highest bookstore in Europe

Chapter Hotel: industrial details for New York’s vibe

Saint Alexius’s pilgrim Christ is back after nine centuries

The Silk Road passes through the San Leucio Colony

PiazzadiSpagna9: a refined and multifaceted residence at the heart of Rome

Pollara: a beautiful sunset, caught between the sky and the sea

Travel to ancient Rome, today

The Musumeci Greco Weapon Academy: a temple of fencing

Ethnologica: the Orient showcased in Forlì

Wagner at Palazzo De Gregorio


Per Me – Giulio Terrinoni: minimalistic elegance and eclectic taste

The deserted beauty of the Terme Alte in Porretta

The Basilica of Santa Giulia: intact wonder

Art Nouveau triumphs with an exhibition at the Palace of Venaria


Fortunato Depero. From the futurist dream to the advertising sign. An exhibition in Lucca


Palazzo Pisani and Venice’s Conservatory

The scream of pain of “The Trojan Women” echoes in Stefano Boeri’s “Dead Forest”


The imposing Tower of Velate

antico porto di stifone - narni 22

The harbor of Stifone, near Narni, and the chronicles by C.S. Lewis

PalermoUno: “please touch and take me with you”

Wine, music and the Middle Ages in Monforte d’Alba

Palm Suite: eclectic luxury just a stone’s throw from the Colosseum


The Church of Santi Filippo e Giacomo: the Silk Road runs through Naples


The Villa of Pollius Felix, protected by the gods