Restaurants and cafés


San Gimignano’s red gold

Reserva: a taste of South America in Rome

“The Pure”, salad with a clean conscience

Japanese fusion cuisine at Milan’s Cinquantadue

Retrobottega: the aesthetics of flavor and strong bonds with the earth

Enoteca La Torre: close your eyes and let flavor and elegance lead you

Dining at Dina’s, light and free

Plato: the philosophy of taste is on the menu

Five historical cafés loved by artists and intellectuals

Gagini Social Restaurant (6)

The simple elegance of Gagini Social Restaurant

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto: chocolate, Mexico, and joy

Baci from Alassio and D’Annunzio’s gallantry

The newfound history of Gran Caffè Quadri

Podere Cadassa, ristorante Al Vedel, Colorno, Parma

Podere Cadassa, reign of his majesty the culatello

Massimo Bottura’s flavors for Gucci

403030 Lifestyle, Milano

403030 Lifestyle, the numbers of wellbeing

Edit, Torino

Edit: eat, drink, and innovate together

Bar Luce, Fondazione Prada, Milano

Wes Anderson presents: Bar Luce

Osteria delle Coppelle, Roma

Osteria delle Coppelle: traditions of Rome and much more

Colbert: the art of Italian beauty and taste

Osteria del Castello, Corneliano Bertario, Milano

Osteria del Castello, design and regional cuisine

Trieste, city of historical cafés

Nine literary cafés to visit in Italy

La Ménagère: folk elegance in Florence

Bar Cattaruzza, a cappuccino on Molo Audace

Pasticceria Taverna e Tarnuzzer di Vercelli

Pasticceria Taverna e Tarnuzzer in Vercelli: sweetness from the Kingdom of Italy

Casa del Prosciutto di Vicchio, Firenze - Florence

Casa del Prosciutto in Vicchio: the art of cooking

Milano, Bianchi Café & Cycles, via Felice Cavallotti - Milan bicycles and restaurant

Bianchi Café & Cycles: crossing the finish line in Milan

Vicenza, Pasticceria Venezia

A baker’s fine pastries at Pasticceria Venezia

Pasticceria Liquoreria Marescotti di Cavo, Genova, via di Fossatello

Pasticceria Marescotti di Cavo: a delicious gentlemen’s agreement