Italian Stories

The craftsmanship portal tells the story of workshops scattered throughout Italy, highlighting their production and offering everyone the chance to visit them. Thanks to "Italian Stories" every months we will visit an italian bottega, discovering new fascinating stories.

Italian Stories: Roberta, the goldsmith artist

Bertram Safferling, Atelier della Pipa, Bolzano

Italian Stories: Bertram Safferling’s Atelier of the Pipe

Fabscarte Milano

Fabscarte, handmade beauty

Leonardo Laino, artigiano mosaicista - mosaic artist

Italian Stories: Leonardo Laino’s beautiful mosaics

Italian Stories: Linda’s passion for ceramics

Italian Stories: Eugenio Ligato, inside the workshop of a luthier

Italian Stories: Luigi di Guglielmo, wood designer

Italian Stories: Maria Josè and Giuseppe, a connection to Renaissance

Italian Stories: Martina, lacemaker in Burano

Italian Stories: Agata, the ceramist from Caltagirone

Italian Stories: Iacopo, the interior decorator

The real wrought iron

Paper restorers Giovanna and Bianca

Maurizio, the carpenter from Valtellina

Italian Stories: Federica and her mosaic gems

Andrea, Salento’s paper maker