Best places to visit in Italy

There is an endless list of best places to visit in Italy. Every region is endowed with some of these places: anywhere in the country, the beauty of local history, culture, art, and natural landscapes can turn even small, unknown spots into the best places to visit in Italy. Therefore, when someone asks where the best places to visit in Italy are, the answer is: everywhere!


Torre Truglia: between past and present, between the sky and the sea


Tindari: a Sicilian gem between myth and legend

Pollara: a beautiful sunset, caught between the sky and the sea


Baron Ricasoli and the origins of Chianti


Castell’Arquato, conflicts and beauty


The Cefalù Cathedral, a happy cultural encounter

Villa della Torre Allegrini: a 16th-century gem

Bevagna, art and poetry from the Middle Ages

Venice’s Museum of Punk – the biggest collection in the world

Casa Carbone: the turn-of-the-century home where time has stopped

Sassolungo and the view Messner conquered

History and legend at the Royal Palace of Capodimonte

Tipografia Portoghese: stopping time to focus on the future

The Ducal Palace of Sassuolo: a “magnificent delight”

Palazzo Alliata di Villafranca: a Baroque aristocratic home in Palermo

Teatro San Carlo: a temple of opera and dance at the heart of Naples

Palazzo Brancaccio: a triumph of beauty, blending luxury and care for detail

Spezieria all’Ercole d’Oro: a gem between Venice’s calli

Palazzo Mirto: a hidden masterpiece at the heart of Palermo


The loyalty of Alba Fucens

Patrizia Fabri and Antica Manifattura Cappelli

Glories of the past in Antonia Sautter’s imaginative world

The Color Library at the Orsoni Glassworks

Tresigallo: built to be a symbol of rationalist urban planning

Five historical cafés loved by artists and intellectuals

Il Mercato di Rialto, Venezia - The Rialto Market, Venice

The Rialto Market: the quiet and the bustle of Venice

Villalago Abruzzo

Villalago and the reflection of beauty

Aquileia, Basilica patriarcale di Santa Maria Assunta, mosaici del pavimento

The mosaics in Aquileia’s Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta

facciata San Pietro extra moenia Spoleto

The story-telling façade of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Spoleto

Bagni San Filippo, Castiglione d'Orcia, Siena

Bagni San Filippo: a refuge from big and small responsibilities