Giacometti’s time from Chagall to Kandinsky. Masterpieces from the Maeght Foundation

The church and convent of Saint Bonaventure in Caltagirone

Earth and gold by Fontana, at Galleria Borghese

Francesco Pagano, Tavola Strozzi

The South’s Renaissance: an exhibition in Matera

Verrocchio: Florence celebrates Leonardo’s teacher

The mysteries of Catania’s Elephant statue


The statues of the Apostles in Saint John in the Lateran

Parco sculture Brufa (4)

Brufa, a small village and open-air museum

The Statue of the Nile God: a glimpse of Egypt at the heart of Naples

Romanticism on show in Milan

Giulio Monteverde and the Angel of the Night in Campo Verano

Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano (6)

The Boschi Di Stefano House-Museum: an apartment for the 20th century


The Opificio delle Pietre Dure Museum in Florence

Mosè di Michelangelo, Roma, Basilica di san Pietro in vincoli

Michelangelo’s “Moses” shines once again


The run-up to Saint Ambrose starts with Chiostro in Fiera


The stars of Teatro Andromeda


The Roman Villa in Positano: an archaeological wonder at the heart of the Amalfi Coast


Mantua’s Light Art Biennale: light turns into art

Hortus Conclusus, Mimmo Paladino, Benevento

Nature, history, and myth in Mimmo Paladino’s “Hortus Conclusus”


The mysteries of Casa Mollino

Kader Attia, Palazzo Forcella De Seta, Foro Italico Umberto I, 21

“Manifesta 12” in Palermo


Reschio and Nic Fiddian-Green’s horses

Fontana Pretoria Palermo

The shameless magnificence of Palermo’s Pretoria Fountain

The Fountain of the Moor: a story of Popes and Tritons

Luca Della Robbia’s Cantorial Pulpits: a dance of praise


The Sculptures of Mont’e Prama

Parco Museo Quinto Martini 3

The Quinto Martini Museum Park: an artist and his land

Erich Lessing, Cesenatico, 1960, In spiaggia © Erich Lessing / Magnum Photos

Italy, as told by Magnum’s photographers

The rebel god’s punishment: the Farnese Atlas

Siena, Fonte Gaia, Piazza del Campo

Fonte Gaia, Siena, a joyful fountain for art