Giacometti’s time from Chagall to Kandinsky. Masterpieces from the Maeght Foundation


Canova’s eternal beauty – an exhibition in Rome


Carosello: a milestone in the history of communication


Luciano Pavarotti’s house-museum: where the Maestro lived

The endless charms of Villa della Porta Bozzolo


Gianni Berengo Gardin tells the story of his Eternal City

Touching beauty with Maria Montessori and Bruno Munari

Turin’s Academy of Sciences

The Appiano House Museum, Sicilian Wunderkammer


Torre Truglia: between past and present, between the sky and the sea


De Chirico at Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Bonaparte and Madama Letizia’s balcony

Palazzo Bonocore in Palermo


“Lombroso’s 1000 faces”: criminal anthropology and physiognomy on show in Turin

War and courtly love at the Castle of Avio

Luisa Casati: “as elusive as a shadow in Hades”

Roberto Ferri’s masterful eye

Eolo Perfido’s art takes us behind the mask, at Clownville

Turin’s Royal Armory

Longing for beauty at Villa Dosi Delfini

Roman visions by Alvaro Gabriele

Aldo Rossi at Palazzo della Ragione

The church and convent of Saint Bonaventure in Caltagirone


Archivio Rubelli: the history of Made in Italy interiors in the world


The Pirelli Calendar by Paolo Roversi: “Looking for Juliet”

Earth and gold by Fontana, at Galleria Borghese

Unfortunate lovers at the Bardi Castle

Kartaruga and the fascinating history of Venetian masks


One hundred years of fine jewelry: Bvlgari’s heritage sparkles in Rome

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