Renato Cerisola visited the Presidential estate in Castelporziano, about 25 km from Rome’s city center. Its 5,892 acres extend from the outskirts of the city to the coast, and includes approximately three kilometers of pristine beach. Most of the typical Mediterranean coastal ecosystems are represented in Castelporziano: it is home to 1,082 recorded botanical species, ranging from the local pioneer and colonizing plants to Holm oaks, pines, oaks, as well as pasture for herds of domestic livestock and fields of cereals for extensive farming. The fauna and bird population are equally varied, with a total of 2,918 species. There are deer, roe deer, and many other mammals like martens, skunks, weasels and badgers, foxes and hedgehogs, porcupines, hares, wild rabbits and wild Maremma boar – to mention but a few.

December 15, 2013