Castel Porrona, an island of peace


Countless medieval castles in Italy have had the fortune of changing, over the centuries, from places of war to islands of peace. One of them is Castel Porrona, in Cinigiano, Grosseto.

Its existence recorded since the early 13th century, the castle was mentioned as far back as 1271 for the bloody rebellion of the local population against the powerful Siena Republic: it was around the end of the Avignon papacy, and to subdue them the soldiers serving Pope Gregory XI set the building and the village of the same name on fire.

After being property of the noble Tolomei and Piccolomini families in Siena for approximately five hundred years, the Castle was recently renovated and is now part of the Castel Porrona Relais&Spa. Today, between the two swimming pools and restaurant, peace and quiet have started a new reign.

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September 7, 2018

Castel Porrona, an island of peace

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