Castagnari accordions and Leopardi’s music

Giacomo Leopardi considered music the most important form of art, because “The other arts imitate and express nature, from which feeling is drawn, but music imitates and expresses only feeling itself, which it draws from itself and not from nature, as does the listener”. Music, in other words, is able to speak directly to the human soul.

The Castagnari family is from the famous Italian poet’s same hometown; it has been in the business of music for at least a century: Giacomo Castagnari – great-grandfather of the current owners of the Recanati-based company – opened his accordion and concertina workshop in 1914.

After one hundred years, he would be proud that Castagnari instruments still embody his same care for detail and passion.

His company’s great craftsmen, indeed, know exactly how to make the kind of music that can reach the human soul.

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October 4, 2018

Castagnari accordions and Leopardi’s music

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