Casa del Prosciutto in Vicchio: the art of cooking

Casa del Prosciutto di Vicchio, Firenze - Florence

Vicchio’s Casa del Prosciutto, some thirty kilometers from Florence, in the Mugello Valley, is on a small bridge over the river Sieve. In the 14th century, a watchtower kept watch over the many people coming and going – while a tavern offered them a place to rest and something to eat.

Giotto was born in a nearby hamlet, Vespignano. This is the area where he learned to draw, starting with the portraits of sheep on large rocks that according to legend convinced Cimabue of his talent. Vicchio was also Beato Angelico’s birthplace: what a striking coincidence that two of the greatest painters in the world were raised here.

Casa del Prosciutto now honors the bridge’s long-standing vocation for hospitality. ‘Crostini’ (toasted bread), ‘schiacciate’ (flatbread pizza), cold cuts, vegetables, cheese, Mugello’s typical ‘tortelli’, roasted rabbit, fried polenta with porcino mushrooms, tagliatelle with duck sauce…

If cooking is an art, this is the place to come enjoy a few masterpieces.

March 6, 2015

Casa del Prosciutto in Vicchio: the art of cooking

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