Casa Cava in Matera

Casa Cava hosts concerts, cultural and multimedia events in Matera’s heart of tuff.

From the late Middle Ages and until the 17th century, the hypogea of Casa Cava – located near the church of San Pietro Barisano, in Rione Sassi, a maze of tunnels, roofs, caves, churches and ancient walls – were quarries where tuff was extracted to build houses on the surface.

But in 2011, as part of the Visioni Urbane project, these 900 square meters – hidden in the belly of the ancient city – were recovered to build an auditorium capable of accommodating almost one hundred and fifty people. Now there are ten underground rooms that fill every day with the sounds of voices and music, and with the smells and flavors of the cafeteria.
A hidden light inside Matera.

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December 13, 2013

Casa Cava in Matera

Rione Sassi (next to the church of San Pietro Barisano)
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