Carnival dinners in poster ads

Between the end of the 1800s and the first half of the 1900s, cities all over Italy celebrated Carnival with huge dinners (“veglioni”) – to which everyone was invited via billboards.

Many of these events were organized by city associations. In our gallery of posters and billboards, you might notice the work of great illustrators entrusted by the “Famiglia artistica milanese”, founded in Milan in 1873 and still active to this day (there is also another based in Lissone, founded in 1934), Rome’s Dopolavoro dell’Urbe, various GUFs (Gruppi universitari fascisti) and local press associations (such as the ones from Bassano del Grappa and Udine).

Happy Carnival to all!

Aleardo Villa (Ravello, 12 February 1865-Milan, 31 December 1906), "La Bohème. Veglione of the Famiglia Artistica", Teatro Lirico, Milan


Ottavio Rodella (Tavio) (Santhià 1864-Milan 1910), "Carnival madness", cover for "Strenna del Cri-Kri"


"Gala Veglione", Politeama Garibaldi, Treviso, 14 February 1893


"Last day of Carnival", Politeama Garibaldi, Treviso, 10 February 1891


Treviso, "Carnival 1915", Loggia dei Cavalieri


Silvio Delneri (1885-1951), "Grand veglione at the Cristal Dancing", Venice 1926


Virgilio Retrosi (Rome, 1892-1975), "Veglione of Light", Teatro Quirino, Rome


Silvio Delneri (1885-1951), "Carnival 1923" at the Ragno d'Oro, Treviso


"Open your eye. Veglionissimo of the Press", Teatro Sociale, Bassano del Grappa 1934

"Ghibli. Veglionissimo of the Press", Teatro Sociale, Bassano del Grappa 1935


Marcello Dudovich (Trieste, 21 March 1878-Milan, 31 March 1962), "Black&White. Veglione of the Famiglia Artistica", Teatro Dal Verme, Milan


Amneris Latis (1933-1934), "Great veglia of the GUF", Palazzo dell'Arte, Milan 1934


"Veglionissimo Masquerade of the Press", Teatro Puccini, Udine


"Radio Sport Veglione", Teatro Sociale in Bassano del Grappa


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