Carlotta Sadino’s atelier

In Carlotta Sadino’s atelier in Pallanza, a community in Verbania, the production process is based on three basic suppliers: heart, hands and head. These are not called upon in three independent steps, but in a single crafting motion that embraces them into a synthesis.

The heart guides the hands of this young designer – born in Milan in 1985 – to create unique hats with infinite angles. Hats that, she says, “have an irregular shape so that by rotating them you can always see something different”. She credits Mariarosa, a family friend, with helping her learn her craft.

But while her passion may have started at home, it was at Milan’s Maragoni Fashion and Design Institute that she started using her head, her rationality, to understand and practice a traditional method for her craft. And eventually she moved to East London, one of the world’s capitals of creativity and design.

Heart, hands and head have traveled and worked together, and they now continue on their journey to “create a product”, Sadino explains, “that may convey a sense of craftsmanship, and the passion that went into its making”.

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December 10, 2013

Carlotta Sadino’s atelier