Carlo Mollino, chair genius

Mollino Sedia Casa Mollino

Carlo Mollino (Turin, 1905-1973) started working in interior design between the 1930s and 1940s.

He was an eclectic man: he was also an architect, a car and airplane pilot, a ski instructor, a writer and a photographer. His creative talent and brilliant mind allowed him to mix in a completely original way natural shapes and artistic elements taken from Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau and Surrealism.

His furniture clearly showcases his unique style: his pieces are free from the influence of the time’s mainstream style, which typically reflected the geometry and rationalisms of the Bauhaus. Perhaps the secret is that Mollino had them made by small, selected craftsmen, so that he could make last-minute changes if necessary.

These chairs, with their “anthropomorphous” lines and “organicist” inspiration, are a tangible proof of the high level of harmony the designer reached between artisan skills and experimentation with new materials and techniques (among other things, Mollino patented a process for cold molding plywood).

To each his own chair: they are all equally wonderful.

April 28, 2014