Cappelleria Bacca and crazy Futurist headgear

Cappelleria Bacca Rovereto Depero

About twenty years before Filippo Tommaso Marinetti published his “Futurist Manifesto of the Italian Hat” in 1933, the young Fortunato Depero created the two Caryatids that to this day decorate the entrance of Cappelleria Bacca, which had opened in Rovereto in 1823. The artist – who joined the Futurist movement in his youth – had become friends with the owners during his stay in town in the 1910s.

The store never carried the crazy, avant-garde headgear the most creative Futurists wished for, in their dreams of a new, revolutionary time for Italy: the “velocity hat”, the “aero-sport hat”, the “poetic hat”, the “simultaneous hat”, the “sun hat”, the “radio-telephone hat”, the “automatic greeting hat (with a system of infra-red rays)”… nobody would have ever dared to really design and mass-produce these hats.

Cappelleria Bacca has always selected only the most prestigious brands for women’s, men’s, and children’s hats. Generation after generation, this family business has given customers a glimpse of the future by carefully selecting the best designs by emerging fashion designers from the whole world.

After all, a great hat needs a good head on one’s shoulders to begin with…

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August 22, 2014

Cappelleria Bacca and crazy Futurist headgear

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