Capo Spartivento’s Lighthouse, brilliant kernel of the night

For decades the Lighthouse in Capo Spartivento, in South-Western Sardinia, was a “brilliant kernel of the night” for seamen, and a “flaming lightroom”, perched over the sea, for its keepers – to use the words of Scottish poet, Robert Louis Stevenson.

Stevenson was the son of an engineer specialized in building lighthouses, and often went with him on business trips during the summer, along Great Britain’s coastline.
This “brilliant kernel” was built in 1856 on the homonymous granite cape, and is one of the oldest in Sardinia. Its luminous pulse was visible from 25 nautical miles away, and beat through the night of seafarers in this part of the Southern Mediterranean for over one hundred and fifty years.

Today, the lighthouse is a wonderful guesthouse that can accommodate up to ten people.
The perfect place to look far away, and listen as “the tumbling wave / Falls in an avalanche of foam / And drives its churned waters home / Up many an undercliff and cave.”

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December 10, 2013

Capo Spartivento’s Lighthouse, brilliant kernel of the night

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