Cantina Santa Margherita, work and wine


On an elegant plaque at the entrance of the Vittorio Emanuele Marzotto Center, the Marzotto family’s Latin motto – “Sua texit labor fata” – declares, “work creates its destiny”. The center, built in 1935 in Fossalta di Portogruaro by Count Gaetano Marzotto, is home to Cantina Santa Margherita, one of the historical businesses this family of entrepreneurs, originally from Vicenza, is known for.

Indeed, while the Marzotto name is deeply associated with the textile industry, the family began making wine as far back as the 1930s, when Gaetano Marzotto purchased an agricultural estate of over 1,000 hectares, located between Fossalta di Portogruaro and Portogruaro, and founded an industrial conglomerate including textile, agri-food (with Cantine Santa Margherita) and glass-making (Gruppo industriale Zignago) companies.

Cantina Santa Margherita’s structure has been recently finely renovated by Westway Architects, based in Rome, to add aesthetic coherence to the entire 2,600-square-meter complex and improve the workplace’s quality and functionality. The storage and winemaking facilities, as well as the cellar and offices were redeveloped, and a new building dedicated to bottling was added.

Indeed, work here continues to create its destiny.

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Cantina Santa Margherita, work and wine

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