Cantina Pfitscher: small vineyards, grand wines

Cantina Pfitscher Montagna Bolzano Trentino

Quality over quantity: Klaus and Monika Pfitscher’s goal is clear. Their long-lived family business, Cantina Pfitscher, was established ini 1861 in Montagna, Bolzano, a very pleasant town known for being one of the cradles of Pinot Nero.

Cantina Pfitscher has made great wines for generations, carefully maintaining production on a small scale. Its philosophy is based on keeping quantity at a minimum, to attain the most refined and valuable products – given the constraint of time, of course: here no part of the process is ever rushed, and grapes ripen naturally without any interruption.

Thus the vineyards in Montagna, Egna, and Cortaccia yield excellent white and red wines, such as Cortazo “Cuvèe di uva”, Lagrein “Brenntal” riserva, Pinot Nero “Matan” riserva, Lagrein “Rivus”, Gewürztraminer “Stoass”, and Müller Thurgau “Langefeld”.

By letting time run its course, the small Cantina Pfitscher estates achieve incredibly grand results

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August 1, 2014

Cantina Pfitscher: small vineyards, grand wines

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