Bruno Angoletta, a great artist for comic book covers

Bruno Angoletta, Il giornalino della Domenica, diretto da Vamba

Modest and quiet: most of the people who knew Bruno Angoletta would use these words to describe his personality.

Professionally, he was a very talented painter. Born in Belluno (1889-1954), the illustrator and cartoonist created some “metaphysical” paintings that many of his friends – including Carlo Carrà and Arturo Tosi – considered outstanding.

Angoletta never promoted them out of a combination of modesty and sharp awareness of the effort required to build a career in the field of art.

He preferred to work as an illustrator, and collaborated from the late 1920s to the early 1950s with various publications. For one of them, the famous children’s weekly “Il Corriere dei Piccoli”, he created “Marmittone”: a mild-mannered, slightly clumsy private who always got involved in unfortunate mishap and ended up in jail at the end of every episode.

Angoletta also worked for “Il Dramma”, “La Lettura”, “Guerin Meschino”, “Bertoldo”, “Fra Diavolo”, “Candido”, and “Il giornalino della Domenica”.

The latter was a weekly, published from 1906 to 1927 and directed by Luigi Bertelli (also known as “Vamba”), who had created the popular character “Gian Burrasca”.

Here are some of the beautiful covers by Angoletta.

September 3, 2014