Brent de l’Art, heaven and hell

Brent de l’Art, Sant'Antonio Tortal, Trichiana

In the dialect of Valbelluna, near Sant’Antonio Tortal, a small hamlet in Trichiana, Belluno, ‘Brent de l’Art’ roughly means “flood of the Ardo” – Ardo being the torrent that before merging into the PIave runs here, for a part of its short and wild 12 kilometers, at the bottom of spectacular canyons.

These gloomy, humid clefts, dug out by water in at least 12,000 years, are flanked by imposing walls of brick-red calcareous-marble formations and ashen stones.

In some ways, these curvilinear, layered gorges resemble every image we’ve ever seen of Dante’s Hell. But they are also Heaven on Earth to geologists, and to anyone who likes to be swept away by the incredible beauty of nature.

©Zioigor, ©omar cin, ©Enrico Sverzut, ©Andrea Cadamuro, ©Simone Ambriola, ©Riccardozanna, ©Marco Callegher

January 27, 2016

Brent de l’Art, heaven and hell

Sant'Antonio Tortal, Trichiana (Bl)