20th-century greetings from Pompeii

Aurelio Craffonara, vedute delle rovine di Pompei, 1901 - view of Pompeii's ruins

View of the Forum

Here is Pompeii in the illustrations by painter Aurelio Craffonara (1875-1945), a Lombard artist from Gallarate in the province of Varese, who studied at Genoa’s Fine Arts Academy and is mostly known for his extensive work as illustrator and caricaturist.

Despite his success with books, magazines and advertisement posters, Craffonara never abandoned painting – a passion that led him to show his watercolors all around the world.

The images of Pompeii’s ruins in this gallery represent only a small part of a series of 74 postcards he created in 1901, published in a special collection.A p

April 22, 2016